TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A sweet holiday exhibit has returned to the Glazer Children’s Museum called Gingerbread Village.

The hands-on exhibit encourages kids to build their own gingerbread-inspired buildings out of recycled materials, like cardboard or straws.

Several local companies even constructed their own that resemble iconic Tampa buildings to encourage young ones to learn more about design and engineering. Some of those replicas included the Dali Museum, The Floridan Hotel and the St. Pete Pier.

“You’ll always be able to point at it and be proud that you were there and that you did it,” said Ellison Construction CEO, Casey Ellison. “You can show your friends and your family. I think it’s an exciting thing and it’s something that has a lot of value.”

You can check out Gingerbread Village and vote on your favorite replica of iconic Tampa buildings at the Glazer Children’s Museum from now until Dec. 31.

Ticket information can be found on their website.