TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — While travel for abortion procedures is still legal in some states, even before abortion restrictions were put solely in the hands of state governments, almost 10% of all abortions performed in Florida were for out-of-state residents.

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, which turned control of abortion restrictions back to state legislatures, abortion services are still legal in the state of Florida up to 15 weeks. Still, state leaders have expressed an openness to expanding restrictions in a future legislative session.

The state of Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration regulates abortion clinics and other health services. In the state of Florida, the most recent data, as of June 10, showed that there were 33,382 abortions performed in 2022.

Now that travel for abortions from residents living in states where the practice is more heavily restricted, or banned, it is possible that the number of out of state abortions will be performed in Florida. As of the most recent data, 2,372 abortion procedures had been performed in Florida for out-of-state visitors.

Seven percent of abortions performed in Florida as of the June data available were for out-of-state residents.

So, what do the state’s abortion clinics do and how many are there in Florida? To start, the state’s abortion clinics don’t only provide abortions.

There are 55 locations listed in the AHCA database for abortion providers in the state. One location currently has a suspended license.

Most if not all provide medical evaluations, testing for sexually transmitted diseases and infections, blood typing, birth control access, sonograms, and other reproductive healthcare, in addition to abortion procedures and pharmaceuticals.

Other facilities, for example those operated by Planned Parenthood, also provide family planning guidance and related resources.

Additionally, some abortion providers and women’s health clinics in Florida do not accept medical insurance, meaning costs will come out of pocket for women and families who may use their services. However, others do provide options for financial assistance if patients qualify.

If you’re receiving an abortion in Florida, whether it be through a surgical operation or a pharmaceutical treatment, state law also has some requirements before you can proceed.

As of March, a 2015 Florida law regarding abortion counseling is in effect.

The law in question, HB 633, requires a 24-hour waiting time between receiving state-mandated counseling with a physician before an abortion procedure can be performed. Additionally, the counseling must be completed in person, meaning telehealth counseling sessions for abortion procedures or abortive pharmaceutical prescription, is not possible or legal in Florida.

In the Tampa Bay area, there are 14 locations that offer abortion services. Not every county in the area has a clinic that provides those services.

CountyNumber of Abortion Providers
(Source: AHCA)