(WAVE/CNN/WFLA) – A Kentucky woman is accused of violating a self-quarantine order for the third time after testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports Kendra Burnett, 37, was arrested and charged with five counts of first-degree wanton endangerment and one count each of contempt of court and second-degree criminal mischief

According to the newspaper, Burnett violated a court order by shopping at a Kroger grocery store in Louisville. She was seen on surveillance video making contact with about five people at the store, the report said.

According to WAVE, the arrest comes one month after Burnett was fired from a senior facility that was struck with a deadly COVID-19 outbreak.

Her mother, Elizabeth Burnett, denies her daughter even has the virus, and said the 14-day safety window had already passed. But police said it was the third time she refused to quarantine after testing positive for the virus, the Leader reported, citing the arrest report.

Burnett also said her daughter was wearing a mask and gloves at the store.

“I seen the police coming but I just thought that he was just, because there’s always police over by U of L,” Elizabeth Burnett recalled. “She felt like she was already in the house for 14 days because she was here because she ain’t have no job, so where was she going?”

According to a police report, Kendra Burnett had violated the order three other times, but the county attorney’s office declined to tell WAVE where they think she was.

Her previous employer, Treyton Oak Towers, is the same senior facility where more than 30 people have tested positive for COVID-19 and more than a dozen others died of the virus.

A facility representative said Burnett had been dismissed and her last day was March 23.

Her mother says Burnett had never felt any symptoms and now they’re getting death threats.

“They were threatening us online. We had to block their page. There was this girl on there threatening to do something to her, shoot up her house because her mother was in there.. I was like, we’re going to have to move from here,” Elizabeth said.