(NBC News) —Elizabeth Simins had all the typical symptoms of Covid after testing positive for the virus June 25. 

For about a week, Simins, 34, of Portland, Oregon, felt dizzy, fluish and out of breath. She had palpitations if she exerted herself. Those symptoms, thankfully, were temporary. But just when she thought she was in the clear, she lit a scented candle and noticed something else — she couldn’t smell it. 

For five days, everything smelled the same to her, a woodsy autumnal smell uncharacteristic of July in Oregon. Even now, her sense of smell is not as keen as it was before she got sick. 

She’s not alone: While far fewer patients reported loss of the sense of smell during the first omicron wave compared to earlier waves, the peculiar Covid symptom seems to be making a comeback. 

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