TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — After long lines and hours of waiting to be tested for COVID-19 in recent weeks, the White House has launched a large-scale operation in which it hopes to distribute some one billion tests to homes.

Dr. Paola Moncada said the at-home tests are “one of the best tools that all Americans will have in this part of the pandemic that we have had to live through.”

Moncada told 8 On Your Side’s Tampa Hoy that by having the tests in hand, complications from the disease are expected to be considerably reduced.

“The faster we make the diagnosis, the better prognosis we will have that the disease will be treated in time and of course the results, the recovery will be much faster,” Moncada said. She also highlighted an expected reduction in the number of infections.

“As soon as you have a diagnosed person, you isolate them, treat them and avoid contagion, which is what happened with Omicron,” Moncada said.

For Daniela Flores, who has already requested the testing kits, said the at-home tests are highly important for the people.

“Let’s say that it reassured me in terms of my neighborhood, my city, more people are not going to have to stand in huge lines,” Flores said. “I myself will not have to stand in huge lines to find out if I am contaminated with the virus or not, if I am sick with COVID.”

The request is simple and can be done via the web, and then wait between seven and 12 days before receiving the shipment.

“This is what is giving us peace of mind that if I have a symptom or several symptoms related to Covid, then I have a home test that I can do right away and know if yes or no to know what my next step will be,” Moncada said. She also said that while we have this option now, precautions must continue.

“I think that the same care should be followed, this kit is not going to change our way of thinking that others are taking care of themselves or not,” Moncada said. “We, each one, must do their part.”

Health experts encourage you to make conscious use of the tests you receive at home, and to follow CDC guidelines, as well as reporting any positive cases of COVID-19 to authorities.

You can request the tests online.