HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Frustrations are growing as seniors fight to get the coronavirus vaccine in the Tampa Bay area.

Thousands of seniors are still trying to get their first shot, but there are no appointments.

“Where are the vaccines? where did they go?” asked Jacqueline Milch, who turned to 8 On Your Side for help.

Milch has tried to schedule an appointment for her friend who is elderly and at risk, but has not had any luck in Hillsborough, or any of the surrounding counties.

“Today I went on every single county that is within driving distance in an attempt to get an appointment for her and I couldn’t,” said Milch.

For the last two weeks Hillsborough County has opened their vaccine registration at the beginning of the week. This is the first week the county has not yet announced any plans, and Hillsborough County is not alone.

8 On Your Side found that none of the 10 counties in the Tampa Bay area have available appointments as of today. Four counties are adding people to a waiting list.

“The problem is we can only see six days ahead, not two weeks, not three weeks, but six days,” Jared Moskowitz, Director for Florida’s Division of Emergency Management told state lawmakers last week during a House Pandemics & Public Emergencies Committee meeting.

“It’s a supply issue,” he continued. “We find out on a Tuesday what we are going to get the following Monday. So when people say when is the long range planning? The federal government doesn’t tell us. It’s not that we can’t open more locations, it’s that we can’t feed those locations.”

Milch said she just want answers.

“Give us, number one, a plan, and number two, a timeframe, because at this point I don’t really see a plan and I don’t see a timeframe. It’s just every man for himself out there. It’s frustrating for everyone. It’s just unacceptable.”