(CNN) – The United State’s coronavirus death toll has reached more than 117,000 people, and it’s still growing.

Some states, including Florida, are seeing another disturbing trend—a record average number of new COVID-19 cases.

But according to President Donald Trump, the coronavirus is “dying out.”

During an interview with Gray Television Wednesday, Trump said he’s not worried about his upcoming rally in Oklahoma because the number of new cases is “very miniscule.”

That is despite data showing an increase in COVID-19 infections in dozens of states, including Oklahoma.

Trump said he’s not worried aobut people getting sick or spreading the virus to others because the rally will require temperature checks. But face masks are still optional.

With nearly 20,000 people expected to attend, social distancing is not realistic.

But Trump touted the safety of his campaign rally and praised Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt for efforts to keep coronavirus numbers down, even though on Tuesday, the state reported a record increase in new cases.