HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – With fall approaching, Florida is mandating that schools reopen.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump threatened to take away federal funding from any schools that do not reopen in the fall.

Teacher Patty Alonso and other teachers worry that going back will help spread the coronavirus.

“Social distancing in a classroom setting is not possible, there is not enough time in between classes to go through and clean everything. I mean these kids, they share books, they share supplies, they share everything.” said Alonso.

The Florida Education Association says not enough is being done at schools across the state to keep students, staff, and faculty safe.

“We know that students are impacted by this, they carry the coronavirus, they may give it to others and then, of course, the people who work in our schools being in tight, close-quarters what happens if someone gets coronavirus, how are they contact tracing it, what kind of testing is going to happen,” said Andrew Spar with the Florida Education Association.

The Hillsborough County school system says they are working on plans for staff and students to reopen schools safely. The first day back to school in Hillsborough County is Aug. 10.