TAMPA (WFLA) -Damaris Allen says it started simply enough when she made a comment on a friends Facebook page about students wearing face masks in school.

Then another woman made an angry comment and Allen says it quickly grew out of control.

“She kept saying that she was going to make sure we never worked again, and that everyone knew what sickos we were and that she had her arsenal ready and that she was basically going to get rid of us at any cost,” said Allen.

The Hillsborough County Classroom Teachers Association says the same woman made threatening posts on their Facebook page and they finally blocked her.

“She was accusing the whole union, all teachers of being pedophiles,” said Stephanie Baxter-Jenkins the Executive director of the HCTA.

Baxter-Jenkins says the language the woman used is particularly troubling.

“Obviously for teachers that is a particularly offensive and problematic allegation given they are around children all of the time,” said Baxter-Jenkins.

The woman making the online allegations identified herself as Elena AQ on line. 8 On Your Side identified her as Elena Luyo of Tampa.

When contacted by a reporter, Luyo strongly denied making any threats but does admit she used strong language in her Facebook posts.

Luyo claims it all started when several teachers used false names and invaded a private Facebook group that she is a member of. The Facebook group opposes wearing masks.

“There is no science backing it up. They represent a collective communist society. It’s a representation of China. I mean the masks come from China,” said Luyo who added, “They admitted in their member only group that they snuck into our group like dirty little weasels.”

Allen says she never joined the Facebook group Luyo is talking about and was shocked at how angrily Luyo addressed her in private messages she sent through Facebook.

“I started calling them pedo-marxists. In my opinion, if you are sneaking into a Facebook group on social media, what are you doing behind closed doors, where no other parent can see what’s going on,” said Luyo.

She justifies her Facebook posts and the messages she sent because Luyo says she felt threatened by the teachers.

“At that point, I don’t really care what I called you know what I’m saying. You violated me, you violated people I don’t even know, so at that point you could be anything, maybe you’re not a pedo,” said Luyo.

She also admits that she had several posts on her personal Facebook page about a group known as Qanon.

QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory that claims there is a Satan-worshiping pedophile running a global child sex-trafficking ring.

Luyo says she looked up some of the teachers online and they just looked like pedophiles.

“Looking at the profiles of these teachers that were sneaking into our group, they looked very questionable, they looked disturbing,” said Luyo.

Allen and the HCTA say they’ve reported the online threats to the F.B.I.