TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) Handling the surge in patients coming into the hospital can be a daunting task. 8 On Your Side went to Tampa General’s command center to see how the hospital is using technology to treat and release patients efficiently.

“What you see to my right, to my left is what we call the wall of analytics,” said Dr. Peter Chang, the VP of care transitions at TGH.

Dr. Chang runs the GE Healthcare Command Center called CareCom. The center monitors the number of patients coming in, where they are in their treatments, their discharge procedures, and even how those patients are doing once they go home. He compares it to air traffic control at an airport.

“I look back and the thing I ask myself the most is, what would we have done if we did not have this center? Most importantly, the people that work in it. The people that use the data every day to make those decisions on how patients are flowing through, how we can make diagnosis quicker, and get treatments delivered earlier for patients,” said Dr. Change.

Time is of the essence at CareCom. Patients get the care in an expedited manner, and in the safest way possible.

You can watch Marco Villarreal’s full report in the video player above.