TAMPA (WFLA) – A Tampa company that specializes in artificial intelligence is now on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis.

Lumina Analytics is using big data to try and figure out where COVID-19 is headed next.

Lumina’s giant search engine, Radiance, can scour publicly available data doing hundreds of thousands of searches all at once. The equivalent of 300,000 searches on Google or Bing.

Lumina’s Chief Executive Officer, Allan Martin says “We simply look at a huge volume data and then the data itself reveals a story.”

Prior to the pandemic, Lumina focused on counter-terrorism and identifying threats to national security but that all changed four weeks ago when the pandemic hit.

“The thing we’re most interested in is identifying ways to predict where it’s moving for the simple reason authorities need to understand where the virus will be next to plan for resources and to make sure the medical community in those areas is prepared for what’s coming their way.”