HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – For many businesses 2020 has not been kind, but one Tampa Bay company is continuing to grow and expand into the new year.

Like many businesses, Fitlife Foods started the year strong, but when the pandemic hit they knew they had to innovate in order to survive.

Fitlife’s CEO and founder David Osterweil has always focused on flavor.

“That has always been our mantra at Fitlife Foods. We want to put amazing flavors in your food, but we want to do it where they also are going to do amazing things for you,” said Osterweil.

He’s done pretty well for himself opening up stores all across Tampa Bay and expanding into home delivery. Then the pandemic hit and he knew he had to make changes.

“We’ve done more innovation in 2020 than any other year in the history of our company,” said Osterweil.

As people stayed home, Fitlife saw sales go up in their stores, more wellness coaching, and increased home delivery.

Osterweil went all in. He brought in a new chef, updated and added to the menu, and launched a new website for home delivery.

Perhaps his biggest investment has been on people.

“Our core focus is to elevate the way you feel. That’s what we’ve always said. That means our customers and our team members,” said Osterweil.

And improving the customer service experience. Osterweil says he wants 100% satisfaction.

“People were going through a lot of economic hardships, and when you’re buying something to me that’s a privilege,” said Osterweil.

He’s also elevating his employees.

“We made sure to continue to do things like, when we could we paid bonuses,” said Osterweil. “Everything for us was, instead of pull back, it was push forward.”

It seems to have worked. Fitlife Foods is planning on opening several new stores in 2021. Not just in Florida, but to other states as well.

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