TAMPA (WFLA) – Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-Sarasota) announced Wednesday that he has co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to allow Americans to sue China in U.S. Courts for damages associated with the coronavirus.

“From the very beginning, the Chinese Communist Party has been lying about the scope and spread of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Buchanan. “China’s deception has led to the deaths of nearly 600,000 Americans, more than 34 million Americans being infected and caused untold damages to our economy and way of life. U.S. citizens should have the right to hold China accountable in our legal system.”

The bill named the Never Again International Outbreak Prevention Act was originally introduced by two congressmen in Pennsylvania and would allow families of COVID-19 victims to sue China or any other country that “intentionally misled the international community on the outbreak.”

The bipartisan bill also requires the President of the United States and leaders of the G-20 nations to formally investigate and report on World Health Organization’s (WHO) response to the COVID-19 outbreak and to make recommendations on actions to improve future pandemic response.

“The WHO is complicit in China’s coronavirus cover-up scheme,” said Buchanan. “The WHO needs to answer for its inaction in providing accurate information to the world about China’s role in the outbreak.”

Buchanan noted that the legislation also establishes an international surveillance system to help collect data, identify outbreaks, and provide monitoring on novel diseases. Should a foreign nation not report on disease outbreaks, the United States would have the authority to sanction and punish bad actors.