TAMPA, Fla. – The rising death told in Florida caused by COVID-19 is overwhelming funeral homes in the Tampa Bay area.

Ray Williams Funeral Home in Tampa told 8 On Your Side they’ve doubled their Saturday services and even added some on Sunday.

“We have to convert some of our office space into viewing rooms and we’ve been doing that now for the past three weeks,” said Jeffrey Rhodes, the funeral home director.

Rhodes said they made several adjustments just to accommodate the overwhelming amount of people who need them.

“Most of the families have been very cooperative, giving them options to do services during the week,” Rhodes said.

They’ve also changed their staffing schedule because there are currently no days off.

“Everybody’s working, so we stagger our staff not to burn one person out,” said Rhodes. “The second wave is where everybody is feeling the effects down to the cemeteries, the casket companies, the hospitals are running out of space in their morgues. The death care industry is really stressed out right now.”