Tampa family-owned business looking to give back to pandemic workers with ice cream cookie sandwiches

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A local, family-owned business is continuing to give back to first responders, frontline workers and others who have worked through the coronavirus pandemic with some sweet treats.

Tanya & Matt’s Ice Creamiest, located at 15742 N Dale Mabry Hwy, is looking to give away 1,000 ice cream cookie sandwiches to those who continue to serve during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The business is looking to the public for nominations of who should receive a sweet, cool treat as temperatures heat up here in the Tampa Bay area.

“We were looking back, we were like, ‘holy cow, it’s been about a year.’ And we know how hard it is to persevere through the past year and to continue delivering on your mission every single day with a smile over the course of the last year,” said Kristina Zambito, who operates the store with her sisters. “So we just wanted to do a little something to celebrate all of the other organizations and businesses who did persevere through the last year.”

Tanya & Matt’s Ice Creamiest now has a form available online for the public to nominate whoever they think deserves a thank you.

Zambito said anyone who “continued to show up and deliver” is eligible to be nominated. They’re looking for unique stories about organizations.

“It certainly can be first responders, frontline workers, caregivers, volunteer organizations. But we’re also looking for ultimately anybody who has created and continued to thrive in the past year,” she said. “For example, a caterer who maybe didn’t have that many events to serve at, but delivered meals to hospitals. Or a restaurant who went to great lengths to keep serving their patrons while keeping everybody safe. 

Zambito said they’re looking to read about what organizations, businesses or frontline workers did and hw they adapted and continued to deliver on their own unique missions while continuing to smile through the difficulties.

Nominations will be accepted throughout the next week, but stay tuned to their social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram, for updates of when nominations may be closed.

For the general public, Tanya & Matt’s Ice Creamiest offers 40 homemade flavors of ice cream daily through a to-go window. Their dining room remains closed, but guests can sit outside after ordering, or can call ahead to pick-up if that is what is most comfortable.

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