TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Being cooped up may have driven some people nuts, but Sarasota carpenter Eddie Nucatola channeled that energy and worked his tail off by doing something good for his neighbors.

Eddie says he and his wife enjoy feeding the squirrels in their backyard. When “safer at home” orders were issued, and the carpenter was stuck at home, he built a teeny picnic table for the furry visitors.

And another. And another. 

You see, after his wife posted a picture of their new picnic table on Facebook, people started asking him to make one for their yard also. It seems a lot of people wanted a wee squirrel snacking space too. 

Eddie decided he’d make one for anyone who asked. He says he stopped counting after making 220 picnic tables! With help from his wife and some buddies, the pint-sized dinette sets were dropped off on doorsteps throughout Sarasota County.

The Nucatolas didn’t accept money for their project. In a nutshell, Eddie says, he just wanted to make people smile.

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