SEMINOLE HEIGHTS, Fla. (WFLA) – Chalk art game-board, pinwheels and fun for all… Oh my!

If you’re walking around Seminole Heights you may notice some community art projects popping up.

It all started when Kristin Brown, founder of TRIBE Seminole Heights, placed 450
pinwheels in the ground, and invited residents, with a chalk message, to take a pinwheel to place
in front of their own homes.

Within three days, all 450 pinwheels were taken from the Seminole Heights Garden Center and could be seen in front of homes throughout the neighborhood.

“Everyone really seemed to be enjoying them, and it was bringing me so much joy!” said Brown. “From the window in my office, I could see families as they came for the pinwheels, took
pictures, and selected one to take home. It was uplifting for me.”

Then, she took it a step further.

With the help of some local artists, and some families who frequent TRIBE, a super-sized
CandyLand board was drawn, in chalk, around the United Methodist Church.

The game carefully lists the rules at the start to keep the activity safe, with only one group on the
board at a time and ensuring that the giant dice are properly sanitized after each game.

Some families have even added to the art installation with their own projects created at home. One
family hung giant peppermints from a tree, while others painted rocks to look like candy, and
then placed them in the display.

Jump into the life-sized Candy Land Game or grab a pinwheel for yourself around the neighborhood.

CLICK HERE to learn more about TRIBE Seminole Heights.