SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) — Anita Sampson of Sarasota just turned 100 years old. But she’s not only celebrating the centennial milestone – she is also celebrating her new campaign with Facebook.  

Facebook launched the national “Born in Quarantine” ad on Mother’s Day. Sampson, a mother of two, was born in 1920 and lived through the flu pandemic. She was hired by the social media giant to narrate their latest commercial, where she shares advice with other women giving birth during today’s unthinkable circumstances. 

“When you’re pregnant, you go through things regardless of if there is an epidemic or not, your life is different. I felt when I was pregnant and when my baby was born, I felt as though it was the beginning of my life,” Sampson said. “You just have to keep saying, ‘this is going to pass, I will have a wonderful baby when this is over.’ You just have to keep thinking positive thoughts.”

Sampson first appeared on News Channel 8 back February with her fiancé, 107-year-old Joe Newman, and his red Mercedes convertible. Since then, the Sarasota couple has continued to prove that age is just a number and they aren’t slowing down.

Newman and Sampson have recently been featured in several projects, including NPR’s Hunker Down Diaries.  

“We have been on so many things, I don’t know one from the other,” Sampson joked.

 Sampson tells she never would have dreamed she would get a job offer from Facebook. 

“They called and said they saw me and thought I would be good. I told them right off the bat that I was born then but I don’t have any recollection of the incident at all except that my mother told me it was very bad and people were dying right in the streets. She never got it. That’s the only thing I ever knew about that,” said Sampson. 

Sampson, who has now lived through two pandemics, is quarantined with Newman in their senior living facility. Sampson explains that she’s been passing the time by watching the views on the “Born in Quarantine” video increase by the day.

She’s also taking the time to read the video’s comment section, which has now become a supportive and encouraging outlet for current moms and moms-to-be. 

“It made me feel so good, it was just overwhelming. It really gave me a lift. I really have something to get up in the morning to do, it’s very emotional,” said Sampson. 

At the time of this article, “Born in Quarantine” has been viewed on Facebook over 54 million times.