(NBC News)  If puppies weren’t already hard to resist, weeks at home seems to have spurred an interest in canine companions.

Animal shelters around the country say they’ve seen a surge in adoptions during the pandemic. Some have even reported emptying their kennels, and breeders are seeing record requests.

“Doodle” breeder Jenna Stone says she’s had a 400% increase in calls and web traffic since February.

“I think people are getting a little bit desperate and they just want any dog,” Stone says.

Unfortunately, without the right considerations eager pet parents may end up with more than they bargained for.

That’s leading to another increase in demand for dog trainers.

“The Dog Wizard” co-owner Danielle Kharmen says clients are seeking help because new pets have gotten used to a quarantine lifestyle with 24/7 attention.

“That’s a really big issue, like the dog, the puppies right now are becoming overdependent,” she says.

As many states continue phased reopening trainers are seeing a sharp increase in dogs with separation anxiety, leading to destructive behavior.

Trainers say it’s important to start a structured schedule for your pup that includes time away from family members or getting used to a crate.

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