TAMPA (WFLA) – Publix says it is now opening its online reservation system for COVID 19 vaccination appointments at all 730 of its in-store Florida pharmacies.

The problem is, getting an appointment is not easy.

Marie Samuels says she’s been trying for months to get a vaccine appointment. So far she has not been successful.

“I started on the internet, going to the section for vaccines. I put in all of my information that and never heard anything and I tried six times since Sunday,” said Samuels.

She’s been trying the Publix vaccine sign-up website every day it’s been open.

“I waited an hour and a half to get through. Then they had me fill out my name, address, birthday, etc and it came down to put in your county and I couldn’t get Hillsborough County,” said Sameuls.

Publix is not accepting appointments in their stores or by calling the store or pharmacy. Publix is only accepting appointments through the online reservation system at publix.com/covidvaccine

Marie Samuels says she’s tried that website again and again with no luck.

“I don’t know what else I can possibly do. I feel bad for people like there is a lot of older people in here who don’t have anybody to help them make appointments and what they put you through, it’s terrible,” said Samuels.

The online reservation system typically opens every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning for vaccine appointments at Florida Publix pharmacies.