PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (WFLA) — On Friday, the owners of Amped Fitness, employees, members and other business owners stood in front of the gym with signs and a message for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“Today is just the beginning,” said Amped Fitness Co-Owner Travis Labazzo, who vowed to continue protesting all the way to city hall to get his message across.

Labazzo and others are demanding that DeSantis reopen gyms, which were not included in phase one of the reopening process for Florida.

Labazzo said if allowed, he believes reopening the gym could be done safely for staff and members, and cited the Governor’s own task force findings.

“We would operate just as we were when we closed, following CDC guidelines, we would operate at 50% capacity, my employees we’re constantly cleaning the equipment,” Labazzo said.

Labazzo said he is also frustrated that the governor has not given any indication when gyms can reopen.

“I have to hear from my employees. So no one was getting paid. I have to have my employees say I can’t feed my kids, I can’t pay my rent, my mental health is deteriorating. I’m going to have to deal with all that and then members reach out to me crying please open up, I need my place, I need my sanity back,” Labazzo said.