TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to help the nation’s vaccine rollout is drawing criticism from one of President Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters.

Biden said Friday that he will activate the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Guard, and rely on pharmacies to help ramp up vaccine distribution.

“You have my word, we will manage the hell out of this operation,” Biden said at a press briefing.

The president-elect plans to launch 100 federally funded vaccine clinics during his first month in office.

But Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is not on board with this plan, calling it a “big mistake.”

“I saw some of this stuff Biden’s putting out, that he’s going to create these FEMA camps, I can tell you, that’s not necessary in Florida,” DeSantis said. “All we need is more vaccine. Just get us more vaccine.”

“The only thing the federal government should focus on right now is increasing shipments.”

DeSantis said the states should have control, like they did under the Trump administration’s plan. He went on to praise the hard work of county health departments and hospitals tasked with administering the vaccine.

“What we’re doing in the counties, what the hospitals are doing. Some of the drive-thru sites, the church sites, Publix, all this stuff together, we have a lot of of through put now. If they give me more vaccine we’ll be able to get it out to places where they’ll be able to get it into the arms for the seniors,” said DeSantis.

The governor says 700,000 seniors in Florida have been vaccinated since the rollout began.

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