TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — There have been more than 3,000 coronavirus-related deaths in Florida and, according to state data, just over half of those deaths are linked to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

As of Thursday morning, the Florida Health Department has reported 3,061 deaths statewide from coronavirus. A total of 1,612 deaths have been connected to long-term care facilities, including both staff and residents.

That means 52.66% of all of Florida’s coronavirus-related deaths are linked to facilities statewide.

According to the most recent state data, the three Florida counties that have been hit hardest by coronavirus – Dade, Palm Beach and Broward – account for almost half of the long-term care facility deaths. But the Tampa Bay area has also seen outbreaks at facilities in several different counties.

Here’s a breakdown of long-term care facility deaths related to coronavirus in Tampa Bay area counties:

Pinellas County

Pinellas County has had 84 deaths in long-term care facilities throughout the county, accounting for 5.2% of the total nursing home deaths in the state.

As of Thursday, Pinellas County has reported a total of 112 coronavirus deaths throughout the county. That means 75% of Pinellas County’s coronavirus deaths have been connected to long-term care facilities.

8 On Your Side previously reported on a coronavirus outbreak at Freedom Square and Seminole Pavilion in Seminole, where more than 30 patients and a nurse died. At least two families are now suing the nursing home, saying their loved ones’ deaths could have been avoided.

Manatee County:

Manatee County accounts for 5.1% of the state’s total with 83 coronavirus-related deaths in long-term care facilities.

A total of 122 coronavirus deaths have been reported in Manatee County, which means 68% of the county’s deaths have been linked to long-term care facilities.

8 On Your Side previously reported on outbreaks at Braden River Rehabilitation Center and Riviera Palms Rehabilitation Center. The most recent state data shows 19 residents and one employee at Braden River have died while 15 residents have died at Riviera Palms.

Hillsborough County:

Hillsborough County has reported 69 long-term care facility deaths, which is 4.3% of the state’s total.

The county has seen a total of 105 coronavirus deaths, which means 65.7% of the county’s coronavirus deaths have been linked to long-term care facilities and nursing homes.

According to state data, 25 of the coronavirus deaths in Hillsborough County long-term care facilities have happened at the Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Twenty-one deaths have been reported at the Community Convalescent Center, the state says.

Sarasota County:

There have been 60 coronavirus deaths in Sarasota County long-term care facilities, making up about 4% of the state’s total.

Those 60 deaths in long-term care facilities account for 65.2% percent of the county’s 92 total coronavirus deaths.

The most recent data released by the state shows Tarpon Point Nursing and Rehabilitation Center had 22 resident deaths – the highest out of all the facilities in Sarasota county.

Polk County:

Polk County’s 56 long-term care facility deaths account for 3.5% of the state’s total.

The county has seen a total of 76 coronavirus deaths, which means almost 74% of the county’s deaths have been linked to long-term care facilities.

The facility with the highest number of deaths in Polk County is Highlands Lake Center. According to the latest state-released data, there have been 25 deaths at the facility. All of those deaths were residents.

Other Tampa Bay area counties:

Pasco County has reported 11 coronavirus deaths at long-term care facilities.

Citrus and Hernando counties have each reported one coronavirus death at a long-term care facility.