ORLANDO, Fla. (WESH) — More than 40,000 people in Florida are overdue to receive their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine and officials say it is a problem some experts said they saw coming.

Out of the hundreds of thousands who have been vaccinated in Florida, almost 80,000 have returned for their second shot.

Most people are still waiting for the time when they can get their booster shot, but the Florida Department of Health reported this weekend that 40,661 people are overdue for their second shot.

“I heard there are some seniors balking at getting the second shot because they’ve heard that the side effects are worse with the second shot,” Seminole County EMS Medical Director Todd Husty said.

The second shot is supposed to have worse side effects than the first, and it means your body is doing what it’s supposed to do which is mount a defense against the virus.

Husty said the solution is educating people that getting coronavirus is far worse than the side effects.

He said the side effects of the booster can be handled with some rest and a Tylenol.