TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — After a federal judge in Tampa overturned the mask mandate on public transportation this week, it didn’t take long for people at Tampa International Airport to ditch their masks.

“It should be a preference. Most people, such as myself, that’s been vaccinated and had the booster is comfortable without wearing the mask,” one traveler said.

But Not everyone is comfortable going without masks just yet. AP-NORC released a recent poll showing most people support face coverings.

“Personally I think it’s just about respecting other people because I know the science behind the mask is that if you wear a mask you’re protecting others,” another traveler at TPA said.

Dr. John Greene at the Moffit Cancer Center said it is still beneficial to war a mask even if others around you are not.

“Obviously, it works best if everyone is wearing a mask,” he said. “That’ll lower the chances of anything getting into the air.”

Dr. Greene recommends masks to those who have compromised immune systems.

“However, for other groups, that’s where it’s up to the individual to decided if they would like to continue to wear a mask,” he explained.

While it’s no longer a federal mandate, some airports are still requiring face coverings. However, they’re now optional for most of the major airlines. Before you travel, check out the rules at the airports you’re visiting and the airline you’re flying on.