Editor’s note: Since this article has been published, Hillsborough County announced it will reopen two testing sites for residents.

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – With a recent record number of cases in Florida, the need for COVID-19 testing has seen a sharp increase as well.

As cases continue to rise, urgent care centers are busier than ever, slammed with patients who need a COVID test.

“It’s a little out of control,” said Dr. Nicole Frommann, a medical director at TGH Urgent Care Powered by Fast Track. “We are seeing record numbers of patients, double, triple what we usually do.”

Dr. Frommann tells 8 On Your Side that the numbers are staggering and that she and her colleagues are in dire need of more testing sites.

“I think it’s absolutely necessary with the numbers as high as they are,” said Dr. Frommann. “We can only accommodate so many patients in our clinics due to space and staffing. I really think it’s necessary to get the larger testing sites back open they way they were last year.”

If you need to get a COVID test, 8 On Your Side found out that the country health departments are advising patients to seek testing at commercial sites, such as CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart.

Right now, statewide and countywide mass testing sites are not open.

“Prior to June, we were very hopeful, and there was even some talks about being relaxed in the clinic. But, when June hit and those numbers started to increase, and we’re now back to square one, and as a mom with school about to start, it’s a little anxiety-provoking with all these cases,” Dr. Frommann admitted.

This longtime physician says doctors are seeing a combination of patients right now. Some are testing positive for COVID with the vaccine and some are testing positive without it.

Bottom line, she tells us your best defense, by far, against this virus is getting vaccinated. She also agrees with the CDC recommendation of wearing a mask for protection.

If you’re having trouble obtaining a COVID-19 test, please send an email to news@wfla.com.