HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Parents opposed to children wearing masks in school showed up at a Hillsborough County School Board meeting to loudly express their opinions Tuesday evening.

More than 50 parents, many with children held signs and screamed on a sidewalk to protest the county’s mandatory mask rule in schools.

“You know I don’t mind it for going in and out of stores or something like that, but for six hours a day and out to recess, it’s ridiculous, they come in they have dirt all in it, they can’t breath, they get all hot. It prevents empathy, they can’t see someone smile or frown They have a hard time reacting to how people are feeling,” said Denise Mooney who says she has two children in the Hillsborough County School system.

Nicole Schmelzie came to protest the issue, even though she doesn’t have any children in school.

“I feel that it is not good for their future immune systems and I don’t understand why we started it in the first place,” said Schmelzie.

More than 30 parents signed up to express their opinion to the school board, others say they were turned away without having a chance to speak.

Hillsborough County School security officers had to call for Tampa police backup after one man, not wearing a mask, refused to leave the district school board building.

The Hillsborough County School Board was not expected to make a decision on the issue Tuesday night but will come back at another time to discuss the use of masks during summer sessions and for the upcoming school year.