TAMPA (WFLA) — Governor Ron DeSantis said Florida will lower the vaccine eligibility age to 60 and up starting next Monday.

DeSantis made the announcement Monday afternoon during a press conference at the State Capitol.

“That will apply across the board at all of the state pods, all of the pharmacies, all of the different drive thru sites that are being operated,” said the Governor.

DeSantis said he expects the state to lower the age range in five year increments as vaccine supply increases and demand levels out.

“You’re starting to see the demand soften a bit,” the governor said. “The pharmacies have their windows to sign up, and they’re not gone in 10 minutes like they were a month and a half ago. Sometimes the window will be open for an hour.”

Over 56% of seniors in Florida have had at least one dose.

“I would imagine the demand will be slightly lower for 60 to 64 than it was for above 65, but we do anticipate the demand to be pretty robust.”

In Pinellas County, the Department of Health says more than 50% of the 65 and older population has been vaccinated.

“That translates when you add in additional people who qualify for the vaccine around 172,000 people, so we are making progress,” said Public Information Officer for DOH-Pinellas, Tom Iovino.

While the age requirement will be lowered next week, there are some who are anxiously waiting their turn.

“I’m just being patient. It just gives me faith enough that everybody is doing what it takes to get everything under control,” said 52-year-old Lourie Dunn.

DeSantis said he anticipates hitting the 3 million senior vaccination mark sometime this week.