TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida’s director of emergency management says a statewide appointment system for COVID-19 vaccinations will bring order to the chaos marking the first weeks of the state’s rollout to its most vulnerable residents.

Director Jared Moskowitz told a legislative house committee in Tallahassee on Thursday that the online portal could be ready in weeks.

“We’re working on a registration system that we plan to launch in the coming weeks to help integrate sites’ registrations and fix some of the problems we’ve all read about,” he said.

The state’s vaccine rollout has been widely criticized, but Moskowitz on Thursday largely blamed what he says has been a lack of communication from the federal government.

“How do you do long-range planning over six days of information? How do you build infrastructure When information changes week to week? When allocations drop?” Moskowitz told the House Pandemic and Public Emergencies Committee. “The Department of Health’s plan calls for a decentralized effort I know it feels chaotic – 67 different counties, systems, interpretations. But health care is delivered at the local level.”

The order by Gov. Ron DeSantis to make coronavirus vaccines available to seniors 65 and older prompted a crush in demand at vaccination sites.

As of Tuesday, more than 707,000 Floridians had at least one of the two necessary shots.

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