TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Florida Department of Education is now advising school districts to be prepared to extend their school calendars until June 30 if needed.

As educators across the state plan to deal with a rapidly-evolving situation due to the coronavirus crisis, many parents are left wondering how the educational shutdown will impact their children.

“I think this is the time that we can share with our kids. We need to focus to spend time with our family,” said Yosnaidy Lorenzo, who has a daughter in 1st grade and a son in 3rd.

She’s planning to home school her children until classes resume.


  • Florida is reporting 85,926 cases and 3,061 deaths
  • Florida in Phase Two of reopening
  • Cases have spiked in past week, Gov. DeSantis says due to increased testing

“I think that parents can work with their kids at home, there is just no watching TV, Playstation, no focus, you need to study, you need to work hard,” said Lorenzo.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday canceled classes across the state until at least April 15 and offered parents the option of holding their children back for a grade if they don’t feel they are getting enough of an educational opportunity.

Maria Rodriguez says the school closings and uncertainty have not been easy for her 7th-grade daughter.

“She still needs a lot of learning that she has to do for the rest of the year to prepare for 8th grade. So, this is not good at all,” said Rodriguez.

She also wonders what to do when she has to return to work and leave her daughter at home after their planned spring break ends.

“It’s hard because life goes on and we still have to go back to work, so it’s scary to know that she has to be home alone, even though we’re not very far from home for her, but it’s not a good thing,” said Rodiguez.