TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Florida Department of Health released its data showing the number of coronavirus cases in primary and secondary schools across the state Tuesday.

The data can be found in the “school report” section on the department’s COVID-19 response page. The page names school, city, and county along with the total current cases among students, teachers, and staff.

Last month, the state removed the report that revealed coronavirus cases in schools. The Florida Department of Health said it was a mistakenly-posted draft.

DeSantis revealed on Tuesday the new rapid COVID tests the federal government will be shipping by the millions to every state in the country. He said it will help schools by quickly identifying isolating infected students.

“Some schools are isolating people that may have been in contact, so these are people who are not showing symptoms, and a lot of parents are frustrated, and I think rightfully so,” DeSantis said. “What this does is if you have that student who starts developing symptoms, they can be taken out, given this test, and we will know within 15 minutes if it’s COVID or not.”