ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — Gov. Ron DeSantis is urging blood donations from those who have recovered from COVID-19 as demands rise in hospitals for convalescent plasma.

The governor was interrupted a few moments into the press conference by protesters shouting “Shame on you, Ron DeSantis” and “You’re lying to the public!”

The group of about five demonstrators was removed from the room shortly after they interrupted. DeSantis chuckled before replying, “and we will not be defunding the police.”

The protesters continued making noise throughout the news conference by banging on windows and yelling from outside.

The governor said OneBlood was chosen for Monday’s press conference because so many Floridians are asking what they can do to help in the fight against coronavirus.

DeSantis said if you have recovered from COVID-19, your blood can be helpful for those currently battling the virus.

“You don’t have to have tested positive in a diagnostic test,” DeSantis said. “There are people that had this with no symptoms a month or two ago that will have antibodies that can be used for this.”

DeSantis is encouraging everyone who can to get an antibody test, then donate blood if you were ever positive for the virus.