PALM HARBOR, Fla. (WESH) — Governor Ron DeSantis spoke in Palm Harbor Wednesday afternoon about the one-dose Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccines, adding that shipments have hit a snag.

“We have no more J&J coming for the foreseeable future for the next two or three weeks. We’re not anticipating any new J&J, and I don’t know what the issue with that is,” DeSantis said. “If you’ve been waiting for J&J, and you have an opportunity to get a Pfizer, or a Moderna, I’d recommend getting the Pfizer or the Moderna if you can do it, because I can’t guarantee you J&J is going to be available.”

He also mentioned overall vaccine supply will not be growing rapidly, “Our supply is pretty stagnant it seems like over the next few weeks.”

There will, however, be more Walgreens and CVS stores available to give the COVID vaccine in Florida, as he mentioned the total store numbers the companies will expand to. According to DeSantis, it will 223 Walgreens stores throughout the state and 182 CVS locations.

DeSantis has not committed on a specific date for 55 and older to be eligible for the shot.

“We definitely will lower to 55 sometime in March,” he said.

A point of contention happened when DeSantis was asked about age groups. He spoke about educators and the differences between vaccine eligibility at state run sites and FEMA sites in Florida.

“What the federal government did is that they said anybody that works in K-12 is eligible. So at those FEMA sites, they do it regardless of age. We’re not doing that because we’re following the data and the data tells us if you’re a 22 year-old school employee, you’re at less risk than somebody who is 70, or 65, so we’re focusing on the 50 and up,” DeSantis said.

In a rationale that ‘vaccine for all’ advocates are pushing back on, DeSantis added, “to have healthy people, young people jump the line, that’s not good public health, and that’s not what we’re doing.”