PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla (WFLA) – More than 550,000 people have completed their COVID-19 vaccine doses in Florida. For many seniors who have been fully vaccinated, they want to know if that comes with more freedom.

8 On Your Side spoke with Dr. Michael Teng from USF Health, who said seniors should continue to be vigilant even if they have received both doses.

“Now if you have been able to get both doses of the vaccine you have an added layer of protection but it is still just one of a number of different things you have to do to keep yourself safe,” said Dr. Michael Teng.

Dr. Teng said seniors should continue to wear masks, avoid large crowds, and social distance. For those who want to visit their grandkids, he does have a suggestion.

 “If you really want to see them they should isolate for 7 days or so just to make sure they do not have symptoms before they see you and then it would be safe,” added Dr. Teng.

Dr. Teng does add that the vaccine brings a bit of relief for seniors who have felt anxious since the pandemic started, but they still need to remain cautious.