MANATEE CO. (WFLA) – Manatee County is the latest school district in Tampa Bay to build its own coronavirus dashboard showing how many school-related cases have been reported since the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

The dashboard, built nearly three weeks after Manatee students returned to classes, comes after District Spokesman, Mike Barber raised concerns about the “absence of a statewide directive on how school districts should release COVID-19 details,” in a news release.

Other local districts, however, were quick to be transparent with families about their child’s possible coronavirus exposure.

Now nearly all ten counties that make up the Tampa Bay area have school district coronavirus dashboards to report school-related cases.

Below you’ll find how many cases are reported in each county by Tuesday afternoon. Click the county to be taken directly to the school district’s coronavirus dashboard:

Data from the Sarasota County School District, where students returned to in-person learning on Aug. 31, was published Tuesday afternoon.

At a press conference in August, Governor Ron DeSantis said he supported school districts releasing coronavirus data.

“What I’ve said is, put out as much information as we have,” DeSantis said.

Not long after, school districts across the state began publishing data surrounding school cases.