OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) — Patricia Seemann runs her own medical practice in St. Cloud, providing health care services to homebound patients.

She said, up until two weeks ago, she was able to successfully treat every patient who contracted COVID-19. But, since then, she said seven fully vaccinated patients died from complications, such as pneumonia or stroke, caused by the virus.

“They were all fully vaccinated, which was disturbing… For one, I got to the hospital, the initial report, he was doing well. 2 liters of oxygen, sitting up, good saturation rate, crashed in 72 hours and died,” Seemann said.

She said the vaccine isn’t 100 percent effective and there is a 4 percent chance of failure, but she still recommends it.

“We explain when I give the vaccine, ‘Look, this is not 100%, but in life, you have to give yourself the best possible odds,” Seemann said.

She also recommends continuing to properly wear a mask, washing your hands and making sure you don’t pick up droplets from other people.

She especially recommends these tasks for those 65-and-older or with underlying health conditions.

Dr. Aftab Khan, an internal medicine physician, said, despite these seven cases, dying from COVID-19 while fully vaccinated is rare.

“Out of 6,500 patients, only 0.004 percent people were hospitalized and only a very small fraction of people, 0.001 percent people died who were fully vaccinated,” Khan said.

When it comes to breakthrough cases, 44 percent of them occur in people who are immunocompromised, he said.

“We’re all in this together and we need to stick together as a community to educate and focus on prevention and focus on protecting the elderly,” Seemann said.