(WFLA) — Two dogs were rescued from an underground tunnel after one of the dogs barked for two hours, refusing to leave her companion’s side until they were safely rescued.

Police were called early Saturday after a resident reported hearing a dog barking for over two hours. Officers followed the sounds of barking until they came across a tunnel with an unstable roof threatening to collapse.

Undeterred, the officers found another way in by “climbing through a hole in a chain link fence and sliding down a 7-foot concrete wall,” police said.

Body camera video from the rescue shows officers finding the dogs roughly 40 feet into the tunnel. One of the dogs can be seen clinging to a concrete ledge in several feet of water. The other remained with the trapped dog and barked, police added.

Both dogs were ultimately hoisted back up the 7-foot wall to safety.

“This was a beautiful example of canine loyalty at its highest level. At one point, the female literally jumped into the deeper water to protect her friend,” Dog Control Officer/Constable Joanne Gerow said in a statement.