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Unspoken Smiles Fellowship Cohort to Address Oral Health Disparities in Costa Rica, Promoting Lasting Change.

Meet The 2023 Fellows

Meet The 2023 Fellows

Meet our extraordinary community of leaders driving creative and impactful solutions to the Americas most urgent oral health challenges.

Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, we can address oral health disparities and create an environment where everyone has access to quality dental care.”
— said Jean Paul Laurent, Founder and CEO of Unspoken Smiles
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Unspoken Smiles, a leading global dental outreach organization, is proud to announce the inaugural 2023 Fellowship Cohort's commitment to addressing oral health disparities in Costa Rica. The selected dental students will work tirelessly to improve access to oral healthcare and promote preventive strategies throughout the country, aiming to create lasting change in oral health outcomes.

Costa Rica, like many nations, faces significant oral health challenges, particularly among underserved populations. Limited access to dental care, inadequate education on oral hygiene, and socioeconomic factors contribute to these disparities. The 2023 Unspoken Smiles Fellowship Cohort has been purposefully assembled to tackle these disparities head-on. Each fellow brings a unique set of skills and experiences, united by their dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

During the Fellowship program, participants will engage in community-based initiatives, including #zerocavity oral health education campaigns, dental screenings, and treatment programs. By collaborating with local dental clinics, schools, and organizations, the fellows will enhance access to quality dental care and raise awareness about the importance of oral hygiene.

Luzany Rodriguez, a member of the inaugural Fellowship Cohort, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "As dental students, we have a responsibility to improve oral health outcomes for vulnerable populations. The Unspoken Smiles Fellowship provides us with the training, support, and resources necessary to create lasting change in Costa Rica."

In addition to addressing immediate oral health needs, the Fellowship Cohort will focus on preventive care and oral health education. By implementing sustainable initiatives, such as community workshops and school programs, the fellows aim to instill lifelong oral hygiene habits and empower individuals to take control of their dental health.

Unspoken Smiles is committed to fostering partnerships and collaborations with local dental associations, educational institutions, and community leaders. By working together, the organization aims to amplify the impact of the Fellowship Cohort and create a network of dental professionals dedicated to improving oral health outcomes in Costa Rica.

View the list of all 2023 Fellows below and here:
Amany Aldali, 31, (ULatina)
Natalia Benavides, 25, (ULACIT)
Luzany Rodriguez, 33, (ULACIT)
Noelia Cunnighan Mitchell, 31, (UCR)
Greivin Marenco Acevedo, 21, (ULACIT)
Camila Quesada, 20, (ULACIT)
Pablo Kuo, 27, (ULatina)
Daniela Abarca Campos, 27, (ULatina)
Dennise Barker, 21, (UCR)
Ang-chie Paola Chang Caldera, 19, (ULatina)
Marcos Delgado, 21, (ULACIT)
Agatha Shantely Araya Castillo, 25, (UCR)
Jonathan Tarik Francisca, 29, (ULatina)
Daniela Cerdas Vargas, 28, (UCR)
Aileen Rodriguez, 22, (ULatina)
Andrés Castro, 22, (ULatina)
María Alejandra Solórzano Romero, 28, (UCR)
Laura Fernández Ureña, 39, (ULACIT)
Catalina Serra Segares, 25, (UCR)
Leonardo Soto Soto, 30, (UCR)

This program is made possible through the support of our valued partners, including Henry Schein, The Libra Group, FIGS, dip architects, Consortium Legal, 88SmilesDesigns, and Alianz Architecture. The program has received significant support from key partners such as the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS). These partnerships demonstrates the growing awareness and commitment to improving oral health in Costa Rica and throughout the region. Together, we are committed to improving oral health in the Americas, and making a lasting impact in the communities we serve.

The Unspoken Smiles Fellowship program not only benefits the communities it serves but also provides a transformative experience for the participating dental students. Fellows will have the opportunity to expand their skill set, deepen their understanding of oral health disparities, and develop leadership skills that will enable them to become advocates for change within their communities.

To learn more about the Unspoken Smiles Fellowship and its impact on oral health in Costa Rica, please visit www.unspokensmiles.org/fellowship.

About Unspoken Smiles:
Unspoken Smiles is a global dental outreach organization committed to improving oral health and empowering underserved communities. Through innovative programs, education, and partnerships, Unspoken Smiles strives to make a lasting impact on oral health outcomes in the Americas.

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