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Rhamnolipid Breakthrough Can Revolutionize Pollution Control

Biosurfactants LLC

Non-toxic substance shows promise in cleaning up the environment.

THORNTON, CO, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Reducing pollution unites people. In this fragmented world, having a clean environment is a goal we all share. Many of our finest beaches in Florida, Texas and California contain toxic residues from garbage, sewage, and oil, which can make a swim in the ocean dangerous. In inland areas, the Rocky Mountains contain harmful chemical remains from years of mining and energy exploration. Land, adjacent to manufacturing plants, often contains significantly high levels of toxic substances that have accumulated from a time long ago when environmental awareness was less important. Mitigation treatment can begin at a pollution source to determine the scale and cost of clean up by starting on a small and focused area. Time and costs need to be determined.

A New Day

Rhamnolipid is a biosurfactant, which is naturally-produced, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly. Traditional remediation often involves using harmful substances that clean up the pollution at the source, yet causes contamination in other areas. As a naturally-derived biosurfactant, Rhamnolipid can save money, improve efficiency, and reduce toxicity without saturating the environment with unnatural remediation chemicals, which is expensive to clean up later. This process provides a win/win all around. People are safer from toxic substances, the environment gets to naturally heal, and the government and non-profit organizations save money to channel their resources towards other endeavors.

More Benefits

Beyond pollution, Rhamnolipid has been effective in protecting people from pathogens in crowded areas. This substance can protect seniors in nursing homes from contamination, which can enter the facility from the shoes of visitors. Rhamnolipid provides an extra layer of protection in healthcare settings where patients often become ill from a new sickness, which is unrelated to their original disease. This natural substance can keep us safer in places where large numbers of people gather including tourist destinations, sporting events, and airports. Rhamnolipid is intersecting with futuristic artificial intelligence and other technology to test and mitigate pathogens in a faster and more efficient way.


Based in Tampa, FL, Biosurfactants LLC consists of an experienced team of biosurfactant professionals, who are using their expertise to solve environmental issues with algorithms. The team is developing innovative environmental solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning, software programs, and biosurfactant applications.

The company welcomes discussions with journalists and investors to learn more about this breakthrough technology and how it can be used to create a cleaner and safer world.

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