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ScoreNavigator Partners with Solve Finance to Support Users on their Credit Journey

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By partnering with Solve Finance, members of ScoreNavigator will get a complete analysis of their DTI along with a plan to help them qualify for financing.

GREY, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Renowned ScoreNavigator is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with Solve Finance in a move that will further help users to optimize their financial health.

ScoreNavigator.com is a leading online credit report provider with a goal to enhance the quality of its customers’ lives by maximizing their financial and credit worthiness. The company’s mission is to ensure that credit reports accurately reflect financial responsibility and educating the consumer about how finance and credit impacts a vast array of today’s decision makers, whether they be lenders, employers, insurers, or other industry. ScoreNavigator seeks to provide financial freedom for its customers by providing the tools to understand and manage their finances and credit.

In the company’s most recent news, ScoreNavigator has launched a collaboration with Solve Finance to help members navigate their credit journey to optimal financial health. According to the company, getting financed or refinanced on a home is more than just a credit score: debt to income ratios play an equal importance.

“By partnering with Solve Finance, our members will get a complete analysis of their DTI, along with a plan to help them qualify for financing,” says CEO of ScoreNavigator, Rusty Bresse. “Solve Finance is making it easier for our members to navigate home finance by aligning incentives and automating the best possible borrowing outcomes with data and AI. We couldn’t be more pleased with this recent partnership.

“The work ScoreNavigator does is a perfect complement to our Debt Optimizer,” says CEO of Solve Finance, Sean Hundtofte. “Home affordability is especially tough in today's environment, and we can't wait to add a path to make the best-possible borrowing outcomes available to everyone.”

For more information about ScoreNavigator, go to https://www.scorenavigator.com/. To learn more about Solve Finance, please visit https://www.solve.finance.

About ScoreNavigator

As one of the most sought-after online credit report providers, ScoreNavigator's goal is to enhance the quality of its customers' lives by not only improving, but also maximizing their financial and credit worthiness. Ultimately, this goal helps the public to build confidence, while shielding its members from the complexities of financial and credit wellness.

The company, headquartered in Georgia, was founded in 2007 by Rusty Bresse. Bresse pioneered the first 24/7 online credit and financial wellness company combined with the necessary financial and credit education, allowing consumers and lenders to work together to become better-informed borrowers and loan decision-makers.

About Solve Finance

Solve Finance was founded two years ago by CEO, Sean Hundtofte, to act as a roboadvisor for debt. Hundtofte has dedicated his career to consumer finance, starting with investing in consumer finance opportunities and residential real estate assets, followed by a PhD at Yale, where he pursued research on household financial decision-making. Sean powers the institutional knowledge and backend math of the debt optimizer tool, in addition to steadfastly leading the team.

Since launching in early 2022, Solve Finance has identified over $9 million in savings for other companies' users. The company is sponsored by businesses to help their users, including working with mortgage lenders to improve conversion rates and increase financial inclusion in their funnel, as well as financial planners to help users with debt.

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