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Dwellics.com Offers Customizable Calculators To Compare Cities For Relocation

Dwellics Founder Giselle Sitdykova

Dwellics Founder Giselle Sitdykova

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Free online calculators offer the option to compare cost of living in two cities side by side or create a custom list from among 60,000 U.S. locales

Dwellics users can zero in on the things that are most important to them without having to wade through long lists of data that has no meaning in their life.”
— Giselle Sitdykova, Dwellics Funder
OAK PARK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Giving users all the information they need to picture what it is actually like to live in a new city is the goal of three customizable calculators now available free at Dwellics.com. The website recently expanded to rank 60,000 U.S. cities using data from more than 50 sources, giving users the ability to compare locations they’re interested in relocating to.

“Dwellics presents hard data in a human-centric way to give users a true feel of each place,” said Dwellics Founder Giselle Sitdykova. “For example, rather than just listing inches of precipitation each year, we indicate how many days of sunshine, rain, snow, and wind are experienced in each locale. Transferring weather statistics into ‘comfort days’ for each person according to their own definition of comfort is a new feature we invented. Our team’s passion for data, PhD-level education, and decades of analytics experience allows Dwellics to present the most precise algorithm of data preparation in an easy-to-use format. Users can personalize our calculators so they get the specific details they need, and Dwellics’ user-friendly interface makes often difficult-to-decipher statistics easy to understand. Our city rankings tell the human story of what it’s really like to live in a place.”

Cost of living tops most people’s list of “need to know” information when looking to relocate. Dwellics’ customizable cost-of-living calculator helps users compare places of interest based on median income, tax structure, types of jobs available, and workforce demographics. Users can get accurate comparisons for things like housing costs, utilities, state and local taxes, vehicle insurance and registration fees, groceries, drinking and take-out, health care, and services such as childcare or a gardener.

Dwellics provides other customizable calculators to compare school performance and weather and climate, as well as the option to directly compare a variety of data points from two cities side by side.

School performance is of particular importance to families with children. Dwellics’ school comparison calculator presents an especially in-depth analysis of schools to assist parents with finding the best educational opportunities

“We are different from competitors who rank schools within school districts. We also rank school districts so users can compare schools within different school districts to each other,” Sitdykova explained. “We go more granular than our competitors. Instead of ‘1 to 10’ rankings with hard weighting of various parameters - including non-school-related factors, and subjective metrics such as reviews - we give people all the metrics and data, so they can make conclusions according to their own priorities.”

Other platforms offering recommendations on relocation use a one-size-fits-all algorithm to compare costs of living. Dwellics’ calculators are unique because of their customizability.

“Our users can be as detailed as they like, so the results directly reflect their personal lifestyle,” Sitdykova reported. “Dwellics is unique because we offer extremely customizable comparisons so users can zero in on the things that are most important to them without having to wade through long lists of data that has no meaning in their life.”

For those looking for guidance on the best places to live across the nation, Dwellics has created 10 “Top 100 Best Cities” lists which rank U.S. locales based on a variety of important factors, including cost of living, education, community health, crime statistics, and infrastructure – including internet speeds, public transit, and air and water quality.

Rankings take into account data from a diverse spectrum of resources to offer specifics on six important considerations:
• Cost of living – Considers median household income, income and property tax rates, average property values, housing costs.
• Climate and weather - Includes temperatures, number of days with sunshine, rain, snow, wind.
• Safety – Includes crime rates, natural disasters, air and water quality, community health
• Education – Considers student and school performance in elementary, middle schools, and high schools, and average teacher salaries.
• Infrastructure – Includes internet speeds, traffic, public transportation
• Community – Includes types of jobs available, employment levels, racial and religious diversity, age groups, and average levels of education. This feature includes metrics to allow people to visualize who their neighbors are going to be.

“Our team has worked tirelessly for more than two years to build a unique algorithm that gives users an authentic feel for what it’s really like to live somewhere,” Sitdykova continued. “Thousands of visitors each day use our platform to help them make informed decisions about cities, towns, and neighborhoods within large metro areas they’re thinking about relocating to.”

Dwellics is free to use and no sign up is required. The website also offers a Blog filled with more than 40 informative articles offering tips, checklists, and guidance to make relocating easier. New articles are added regularly, and users may sign up to receive Dwellics’ free monthly newsletter to keep up with the newest Blog articles and learn more about places of interest to them.

Another new feature is Dwellics’ partner program. Businesses related to relocation — including mortgage lenders, real estate professionals, moving and storage companies, insurance, and other services people need when planning a move — can now offer their services on pages directly related to their geographic areas. The goal of this program is to create a list of trustworthy businesses users can call upon once they decide where they will relocate to. Contact Dwellics at support@dwellics.com to learn how to participate.

To learn more about Dwellics, visit Dwellics.com. Find the customizable cost-of-living calculator at https://dwellics.com/cost-of-living-calculator. The school comparison calculator can be found at https://dwellics.com/compare-schools and the climate and weather calculator is at https://dwellics.com/compare-climate.

About Dwellics.com:
Dwellics’ data-driven city ranking tools offer personalized lists of places where people can live their best life, however they choose to define it. Dwellics compiles statistics from more than four dozen comprehensive sources, including reports, studies, and data sets from government, non-profit, NGO and private-sector groups to provide comprehensive and detailed reports that allow users to rank cities and locales across all 50 U.S. states.

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