TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — In an exclusive interview with News Channel 8, JP Morgan Chase Chairman & CEO Jamie Dimon said Florida is a good state for business.

“They like business. They want people to come down, they make it easier, they have taxes that are easier on individuals, sometimes on companies and getting real estate done and getting things built. They make it easier. It’s nice to be wanted. And you’ve seen in some places … you’re really not,” Dimon told News Channel 8’s Jack Royer.

“Look at what you’ve done in Tampa. The Riverwalk, which I did this morning, the schools, the waterfront, the hotels, the arts and museums and the sports teams. And when you do that, it becomes a more attractive place. So everybody’s got to compete. Cities and states have to compete like everybody else.”

Asked about fears of a possible recession, Dimon maintained an optimistic tone.

“First of all, America is the most prosperous nation on the planet. That’s true today, and it’s going to be true in the future. I think we should maintain that perspective of good policy and good politics and things like that. Unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been since they’ve been measuring it and wages are going up. And on the low end, wages are actually going up faster than inflation.”

Watch Jack Royer’s exclusive interview in the video above.