Wild & Free and Calm Like Me is a beautifully illustrated book full of exercises aimed to help children regulate their senses.

Did you know proprioception, often referred to as our sixth sense, is how we know where our bodies are in space? A child that is seeking proprioceptive input may often crash their body into things, jump a lot on the furniture, or constantly chew on non-food objects. Heavy work targets the proprioceptive system and is often recommended by occupational therapists for children with sensory processing difficulties.

However, heavy work can benefit all children to help calm and organize the brain and improve body awareness. But wait, what is heavy work?

Heavy work is any activity that pushes or pulls against the body, providing resistance.

Animal walks are a fun way to incorporate heavy work at home or school.

Heavy work can also help reduce stress and anxiety and improve self-regulation skills.

This picture book is suitable for children ages 3-10 andis a wonderful tool for parents, therapists and educators to unlock the magic of movement! Included is a note to parents and caretakers about heavy work and additional exercises to try.

From Penguin Waddles to Flamingo Hops, this book is perfect for all the wiggly, squiggly, wild and free children
of the world!

Children’s Book Author, Jeni DeGregorio, joins Gayle Guyardo the host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show Bloom with why she decided to write the book.

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