Susan Shapiro Barash, a well-known gender expert and bestselling author who has written a book about female infidelity called, “A Passion for More”, spent more than 3 decades researching this topic and joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show Bloom with the most up-to-date statistics regarding women of today.

Some findings from her research include:

*90% of the women have no guilt and actively pursue the affair.

*70% of women will engage in an affair of some kind at some point in their marriages/committed relationships.

*78% say that their lover is the opposite of their husband/partner.

*70% of the women believe their lover is their wake-up call.

*65% of the interviewees reported that sex is better with the lover.

*60% view their lover as an escape.

*52% stay in the primary relationship after the affair.

*50% of women report cyber affairs.

*48% of the women leave their marriages/committed relationships.

*45% report their lover is the catalyst to leave.

*35% of the women end up with their lover.

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