May is Brain Tumor Awareness month, and philanthropist, Model and Sports Illustrated model Victoria Vesce  who is a brain cancer survivor is telling everyone who will listen about the importance of educating themselves about signs, symptoms and treatment options.

Vesce has a long history of advocacy and philanthropy with various organizations, but her advocacy took on new meaning when she became a cancer survivor at age 24.

Today, Victoria is an advocate for the National Brain Tumor Society, an organization that helped her during her radiation treatments at Duke Cancer Institute.

In 2017, Victoria was diagnosed with multiple Paraganglioma, a brain-skull tumor and a carotid body tumor that required surgery and pin-point radiation treatment. During her time at Duke University Hospital, she voluntarily participated in a study to help more patients overcome rare tumors.

In 2016 and 2017 while dancing in the NBA for the Charlotte Hornets, and studying for the LSAT, Victoria started losing her hearing and experiencing extreme headaches. She began experiencing symptoms like fainting, unexplained adrenalin rushes and dizziness. After a CAT scan and repeated visits to the doctor and ENT, she was diagnosed with a tumor.

Victoria was referred to Duke University Hospital, where they discovered another tumor (carotid artery) during an MRI. Surgery occurred 6 weeks later, and following that, Victoria underwent 30 rounds of experimental radiation treatment.

Today, Victoria is fully deaf in her right ear. She also suffers from tinnitus. At the same time, she enjoys a new perspective on life and has gratitude for the organizations and people who have helped her along the way.

While on the nationally syndicated health and wellness show Bloom she told host Gayle Guyardo, “My motto in life now is that life is short. I have quit shaming myself or changing myself to please others. I own my life, imperfections and all. I want to help others to reach a point of good health, happiness and fulfillment – as I have.”

Ms. Vesce. “Brain Tumor Awareness Month presents a chance to become educated about the issues that affect people with cancer diagnoses. She went on to say “It’s also a chance to give to organizations that save lives.”

Ms. Vesce encourages others to donate to organizations like the National Brain Tumor Society.

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