LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. (aka Dr. L J) who is a Therapist and Academic Director of The Natural Wellness Academy joins Gayle Guyardo the host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show Bloom with an amazing Stir-fried Cauliflower Rice recipe:


1 12 oz. bag of frozen cauliflower rice, defrosted

3 TB. Cooking oil (avocado or canola)

1 ½ TB. Toasted sesame oil

Garlic (2-3 cloves chopped)

Ginger (Thumb-sized, peeled and chopped)

Water chestnuts (1/2 can drained and chopped)

4-5 Green onions aka Scallions, chopped (hold back 1 tablespoon for garnish)

¾ cup Mushrooms (fresh white, bella, shitake, sliced or dried shitake, rehydrated in ½ cup boiling water and then sliced.  Retain the soaking water!

½ cup defrosted green peas (or 10-15 snow peas, pull the string off)

¼ cup finely chopped carrots

1/3 cup Coconut liquid aminos (regular or Teriyaki flavored)

Sea salt to taste

VEGETARIAN:  2 eggs, beaten

VEGAN:  1/3 cup chopped cashews, walnuts, or almonds) and/or

½ block of tempeh – cut into ½ inch pieces and fried with vegetable oil and liquid smoke.  Then drain on paper towel.

PESCATARIAN:  1 cup shrimp (marinated in lime juice and liquid aminos)  Flash-fried in sesame oil until translucency disappears, but do not overcook.

Optional:  Use white or sweet onion to replace scallions

Garnish with 1 TB sesame seeds or chopped cilantro or chili slices

Other optional veggies:  corn, either kernels or baby corn, chopped broccoli crowns, lightly steamed


Defrost the cauliflower rice and pat dry to remove as much moisture as possible.  Set aside

Heat oil in a frying pan (with high sides) or wok.

Cook garlic and ginger until lightly brown (take out if you don’t want it to burn)

Stir fry the mushrooms and scallions.  Add in the other vegetables and cooked lightly.  Scoop them into a dish or bowl.

Stir fry the cauliflower rice until lightly browned (optional you can add in a couple of tablespoons of the soak water from the shitakes for more flavor)

Add the vegetables back in and pour in the liquid aminos.  Stir to blend everything and scoop all into bowl.

Add a little more oil to the pan and quickly stir the eggs, separating them into small “scrambled” pieces. 

Toss in with the rice.

Garnish with remaining scallions, sliced chili peppers and cilantro

For vegan:  Instead of the egg, stir fry the nuts, drain and toss into the cauliflower rice.

For pescatarian:  Toss in the cooked shrimp

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