Lawyer, a mom, and a writer Jen Murphy joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom about how she followed her passion to write books during the pandemic and opened her own publishing company to help others do the same.

Murphy talked about her two Tampa, Florida based novels and provided these descriptions:

When He Watches . . . A Hallie Miller Novel

He likes to watch—silent, unseen, nameless—but always there, always watching. Just watching used to satisfy him. It doesn’t anymore. 

Tampa, Florida, once heralded as the cigar-making capital of the world, has become known for its beautiful Gulf beaches, the Mediterranean red-roof-tiled homes punctuating the blue-green waters of the Bay, and its carefree, fun-in-the-sun lifestyle. But underneath this intoxicating façade lurks a depraved underbelly, where moral destitution dwells, glutting itself on fear and pain. Out of that darkness, a sadistic monster emerges, brutally attacking young women in their homes, leaving devastation and paranoia, but very little evidence, in his wake.

After the harrowing events of the previous year, Hallie Miller has begun to reclaim for herself some sense of normalcy. And she can say that she feels happy for the first time in a long time. But she feels something else, too. Something new. She can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching her. When a memory of her father triggers her need to solve the mystery of his thirty-year-old murder, Hallie finds herself delving into the city’s darker history and asking questions.

Maybe too many questions.

When She Runs . . . A Hallie Miller Novel

Tampa, Florida, home to swaying palm trees and miles of sandy beaches under cloudless, blue, sunny skies, has always been paradise to Hallie Miller, who appears to have it all: a thriving legal career, a teenage daughter about to leave for college, and a devoted husband. But even paradise has its cracks, and everyone has secrets.

Hallie’s outwardly picturesque life begins to unravel when she discovers the naked and decomposing body of a college student just feet from her Hyde Park bungalow. When she learns that a young lawyer has been murdered and dumped eleven miles away near her childhood home, Hallie’s amateur sleuth skills are ignited. As she investigates, she learns about another victim: Lila Martinez, a twenty-one-year-old, single mother who was brutally attacked in Ybor City and left for dead, bringing the total known victims to three. Hallie is convinced a serial killer is stalking the women of Tampa Bay.

As Hallie searches for answers, she happens upon a decade-old, unsolved rape case, which is eerily similar to the recent attacks and triggers long buried memories from Hallie’s own past. Meanwhile, Heather McLean, who fled to Tampa eleven years before to escape her violent ex, learns about the murders and is terrified that he has found her, just as he promised he would. As the three women’s lives intersect and their secrets are exposed, they must confront their pasts and the decisions they’ve made, while running from a sadistic killer determined to kill again.

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