Decluttering Expert Tracy McCubbin joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show Bloom about her new book, “Make Space For Happiness.”

Make Space For Happiness offers a roadmap to clearing your life and opening yourself up to all the good meant to come your way by revolutionizing your living space and your mindset by focusing on how the clutter got there in the first place – through our behaviors and shopping habits – as a path to positivity in every area of your life, helping you to manifest.

During her segment Tracy McCubbin also gave tips for back-to-school decluttering tips:

•  Grab a dry erase board. To kick the school year off to an organized start, try putting a dry erase calendar where everyone can see it
•  Purge last year’s paper and artwork. Pull out all the homework and artwork from the previous school year (empty old backpacks, desk drawers and those piles you’ve meant to tackle) and pick the best of the best.
•  Don’t be afraid to donate – especially backpacks. Before the deluge of birthdays, birthday parties and upcoming holidays, take time to donate (or toss if they are broken) toys that didn’t get played with all summer. Most kids get brand new backpacks every school year, but, if last year’s pack is still in good shape, think about donating it to a local nonprofit that works with foster kids.
•  Purge books that won’t get reread. Did summer reading lists create a glut of books in your home? Time to do a purge of the books that won’t get reread or won’t ever be read.
•  Evaluate which clothing fits. Do a pass and make a pile of clothes you think are too small or worn out. Have your kids try them on to make absolutely sure if they’ve outgrown them or not.
•  Stock their desk only with the necessities. An organized desk is essential for a new school year. Make sure the desk is stocked with all of the necessary supplies like pencils, pens, erasers and paper.
Tracy is available to expand on these tips and more in an interview. Tracy is no stranger to the camera. She is engaging and savvy and is a fantastic resource for those struggling with decluttering and keeping clutter from returning.

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