Dr. Jeff Dello Russo, MD an Ophthalmologist who heads up Dello with Russo Laser Vision joins Gayle Guyardo the host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show Bloom with tips on keeping your eyes safe, healthy and your vision in tact this summer.

Dr. Dello Russo told Guyardo “Summer sun and heat can be equally detrimental to your eyes as it is for your skin.”

The Doctor provided these 6 essential eye care tips everyone needs to know:

1. Wear sunglasses when stepping out – Sunglasses to the eyes are what sunscreen is for the skin. Grab oversized shades as it will provide extra protection to your eyes. Shades protect the eyes from cornea burn from the damaging UV rays. Some of the major symptoms of cornea burn are dryness, discomfort and tearing up.

2. Remain hydrated – Volume of fluids is imperative for your better eye health. Since in summers our eyes’ tear film often gets evaporated, therefore drinking more water can help your body produce a healthy volume of tears. And skip the beach cocktails too – alcohol can cause even more summer dehydration.

3. Keep your eyes lubricated with eye drops – Sometimes, remaining hydrated is not sufficient. This is when one should keep an eye drop handy because summer paves way to eye dryness and irritation, which often ends up in pain in the eyes or swelling.

4. Be careful when you are applying sunscreen on your face – Be cautious while applying it near and around your eyes and eyelid region. Sunscreens, which are high in SPF, generally cause discomfort to the eyes if they accidentally get inside. Though it won’t lead to permanent eye damage, it can cause chemical burns to the surface of the eyes.

5. Avoid midday sun – Restrict your movement in the sun during the later hours of the morning or afternoon, if possible. This is the time the sun shines bright and UV rays are at peak. Protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays is essential for optimal eye health and maintaining your vision.

6. Always wear eye protection while doing outdoor activities – Besides protecting the eyes from the UV rays, one should wear eye protection when involved in outdoor activities like swimming, mowing the grass or doing woodwork outside. Ensure to wear protection like glasses, goggles, helmets or shields, or face shields to guard your eyes and face from potential damage.

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