Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Jamie Lee McIntyre, RDN, joins Bloom to share tips for getting back into routine with health habits this time of year! As kids get back to the classroom and adults get back to routine after summer vacations, it is a good time to reboot your wellness routine to feel good and stay healthy this time of year. “As a dietitian and mom, I’m always looking for easy and delicious ways to get vitamins and minerals into my family to support a healthy immune system.” McIntyre shared Uncle Matt’s Organic, the nation’s #1 selling brand of organic orange juice as her go-to. Floridians will love that Uncle Matt’s Organic Pulp Free Orange Juice is made with a delicious blend of organic Hamlin and Valencia oranges developed over four generations. McIntyre points out that just one cup of Uncle Matt’s Pulp Free Orange Juice provides 100% Vitamin C needs for the day, making it a great choice for the family! Uncle Matt’s is local to right here in central Florida and easy to pick up at your local Walmart and The Fresh Market!